PR - September 04th 2018 - For more than 40 years, French group, PELLENC, has been the preferred partner for vine growers. Today, the Group has added to its back catalogue with the launch of new machines: the multifunction straddle tractor for narrow vines, the OPTIMUM 340, and GRAPES’ LINE, a range of tow grape harvesting machines. A product of the Group’s innovation and field expertise, this cutting edge technology combines performance, ergonomy and safety. Such machines allow professionals to harvest grapes and quickly and effortlessly complete all vine work.

OPTIMUM 340 tractor for narrow vineyards

For several years, vine growing industry professionals have used the OPTIMUM range. As a true PELLENC benchmark, the OPTIMUM range combines profitability, harvesting quality and is environmentally friendly. Today, thanks to the all new OPTIMUM 340 tractor that can be used within a 1-1.50m width range, vine growers can use this technology for narrow vineyards.

The OPTIMUM 340 tractor combines a number of features to meet specific narrow vineyard challenges. Its multifunction aspect was improved using hydraulic connections and innovative toolholders. Activated by controls disconnected from the ground, they facilitate tool towing and avoid back and forth movements in the driver’s seat, ensuring greater safety.

The OPTIMUM 340 cockpit has a hydraulic opening and closing ladder in addition to a wide access platform in the driver’s seat. Its « high comfort » pneumatic suspension seat is heated and includes an armrest with a joystick. Driving assistance is also optimised thanks to a 10-inch touchscreen displaying the slopes and slope percentages instantly. It also has an independent touchscreen video displaying up to 4 cameras.

During the design of OPTIMUM 340, special care was given to :

  • Safety with a pressure system and an emergency stop;
  • Maintenance with easier access and a reminder for necessary reviews;
  • Handling with a wheelbase of 2.60m and a steering angle of 85 degrees, ensuring perfect stability;
  • Fuel economy (up to 43%) with automatic regulation of the combustion engine speed.

Narrow vineyards’ harvester head

The narrow vineyards’ harvester head fully complies with vegetation and keeps the berries. Washing is made easier and safely completed. To optimise the grave harvest, the harvester head has the following features :

  • Stainless steel loader: 1,400 litres with a spreading auger;
  • Minimum harvesting height of 15 cm
  • Sealing of 2.10 metres for faster working speed
  • Selectiv’ Process system separating the stalks without splitting them, whilst leaving the berries intact. The sorting table gets rid of the stalks, petioles and other waste.