Pellenc Australia - Specialised Agriculture

We are a leading manufacturer of grape harvesters and a supplier to the viticulture industry. Our range of grape harvesting equipment includes self-propelled and tow-behind models. We also offer a variety of implements for maintaining your vineyard such as pruning equipment, sprayers, wire lifters, under vine weeders and shoot thinning modules. We have a range of battery powered equipment including electric secateurs, chainsaws, olive harvesting rakes and tying machines.

Pellenc Optimum XL60 vintage 2020 New Pellenc Optimum XL60 video from vintage 2020, from vineyards accross Coonawarra, Wrattonbully & Langhorne Creek
McLaren Vale Pellenc Grapes'Line 80 demo 2019 Demonstration of the Pellenc Grapes'Line 80 Selectiv' Process tow behind harvester in McLaren Vale, April 2019.
Next Generation Optimum - XL60 Introducing the next generation of Pellenc Optimum multifunction harvester the XL60
Riding On Board Optimum at Langhorne Creek A view from the top - see the operating principle behind Pellenc's brand new generation of grape harvesters - OPTIMUM
OPTIMUM the new generation of grape harvesters by Pellenc Introducing OPTIMUM.
A new generation of grape harvesters by Pellenc representing a true revolution in viticulture.
Demos available this vintage in Australia.
Contact Pellenc Australia for more info - or 08 8244 7700
Pellenc Treelion Pruning Shears Pellenc's Treelion battery powered, electric pruning shears in action.