Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to certain frequently asked questions (FAQ).
Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find the answer to your question.

General Information

How do I find the dealer nearest to me

Use our search module to find the dealer nearesto you. Simply visit the “Find Your Dealer” page on our website.

I am not a professional, can I buy your products?

PELLENC is a professional toolmanufacturer and our distribution network is exclusively oriented to professionals. However, you are more than welcome to stop by an authorised PELLENC dealer to purchase your equipment.

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Where can I download a user manual if mine gets lost?

If you have lost the user manual, we recommend that you contact your dealer. They will print a new one for you.

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Are PPE (personal protective equipment) required when using your tools?

Health and safety at work requires compliance with very specific regulations. Personal protective equipment is mandatory when working with certain tools, such as the pruner, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, blower, the cultivator.

Can I use supplies sold by your competitors?

To increase the life of your equipment and ensure its warranty coverage, PELLENC recommends that you only use certified original PELLENC parts and consumables. Certain competitor’s consumables are incompatible with our tools.

I want to change an accessory or purchase a consumable, who should I contact?

Your approved PELLENC dealer is at your service to advise you on the appropriate moment for replacing consumables and wear parts.

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Where should I keep my tools?

Pellenc approved dealers are trained at our factories to give you the advice you need and service your tools with certified original parts.

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What routine maintenance must be carried out on a Pellenc tool?

Routine maintenance is a determining factor in the life of your tool. It helps you to optimise the performance of the tool. We recommend that you read the instructions before using the tool and carry out the routine maintenance tasks that are listed there on a regular basis.

Where are Pellenc products manufactured?

PELLENC is an international French group that has 6 production sites around the world: one in France, two in Spain, one in Italy, one in Slovakia, and one in China. These sites are owned by the PELLENC Group, which through regular investments ensures a high-performance manufacturing base that guarantees the quality of our tools.

Can I purchase your products online?

Our tools are only sold through our authorised dealers, who work within a specific area. In addition, when you purchase a product online, you do not get the advice that a seller would be able to give you regarding commissioning of the tool, its operation, and its maintenance… PELLENC wants to provide a service that is local for the sale of its products.


What is the life of your tools and batteries?

Because of the electrical technology in our tools, they are equipped with brushless motors. The motor’s lifetime is theoretically infinite since there is no friction or sparks. Certain products, which were launched in 2004 are still being used in the field. The battery will have a minimum lifetime of 800 charge cycles (one cycle equals one full charge and discharge of the battery). Because the battery can provide enough power for up to a day’s work, we can estimate that the battery will operate for a minimum of 800 days of use. After these 800 days, the battery gradually loses capacity and autonomy, but continues to function.

What kind of compatibility do your batteries offer for the different tools?

The PELLENC battery is multifunction. Our batteries are equipped with a recognition device that allows the batteries to adapt to any power tool in the range.
All of our batteries can be used on all of our machines. However, PELLENC recommend the use of batteries based on the tool in order to optimise the battery life, power and weight.

What is the Pellenc recycling process for batteries and tools?

The last stage of the life cycle of a battery is at the centre of PELLENC’s concerns. We actively participate in the environmental protection efforts, from the design to the recycling process of the batteries. As such, we collect used batteries and work with our partner SCRELEC, a specialized body for recycling.

Olive Growing

What are the different products available for olive harvesting?

We have a full range of olive harvesters adapted to each type of plantation:

Traditional and intensive farming:

Olivion: shaker rake is suitable for all plantations
Go to the Olivion product page

Buggy, Self-propelled trunk trunk shaker
Go to the Buggy product page

Front vibrators, clamp vibrators that can be coupled with a tractor
Go to the Front vibrator product page

Super-intensive farming:

MAVO, olives harvesting head on the multifunction carrier
Go to the MAVO product page

The towed olive harvester specially designed for super-intensive plantations.
Go to the Towed Olive product page