A complete service offer

And the proximity of the network

With its 40 years of experience, PELLENC has developed a network of over 800 qualified professionals, available and ready to help you anywhere in the world. As such, each PELLENC customer is guaranteed access to both a sales department that is present to offer advice on the tools best suited for the job and the financing or leasing solutions corresponding to their situation. The PELLENC network is also there to ensure a local after-sales service for maintenance of PELLENC tools in order to ensure their future performance.


Certified original parts

To increase the life of your equipment and ensure its warranty coverage, PELLENC recommends that you only use certified original PELLENC parts and consumables. Your authorized PELLENC dealer will be able to inform you about the wear parts replacement programme for your tools.



PELLENC is an approved Training Organisation and offers a full programme of technical training for its dealers and drivers of PELLENC machines.
In 2012, PELLENC created a training centre with a hall of machines to be used in trainings, visual technical equipment, and training documents for the implementation of these programmes. The integration of these means allows for the effective combination of hands-on learning with the theoretical training.
All PELLENC trainers are technical experts who have been confronted with situations in the field, and on our customers’ sites.
Every year 1,000 training sessions are organised by PELLENC, representing 6,000 hours of training aimed at maintaining the expertise of the PELLENC network of technicians and optimising the operation and maintenance of PELLENC machinery, equipment, and tools by their users.


After-Sales Department

The PELLENC After-Sales Service is located in all countries where the brand is present, and as such, provides technical support and expertise to the PELLENC network of authorised dealers to the benefit of its end users.
PELLENC provides “on-line” technical support to its dealer network 5 days per week throughout the year and everyday during the harvesting season. The PELLENC’s After Sales Service technicians all have superior technical training and proven skills gained after many years of working in the field, in particular, in our clients’ business sector. They regularly attend internal training sessions in order to maintain their level of expertise, especially when new technologies are developed.


The PELLENC network of dealers are authorised to repair the PELLENC range of portable power tools.
The technicians in this network have been trained by the PELLENC training organisation. The annual maintenance operations performed as recommended by PELLENC ensure the tool’s durability over time and help optimise productivity. Maintenance work includes the complete assembly of tools, a check-up of all safety devices, motors, cutting heads and greasing. All information concerning annual maintenance operations are available from your PELLENC dealer.

2-year Warranty

PELLENC offers a two-year warranty on parts and labour on its batteries and tools. By choosing PELLENC, you choose peace of mind and quality of service by a dealer near you.