The ULiB 1500 battery meets every need in terms of performance, comfort and technology, and offers 50% longer battery life for up to 5 hours of work with the tools in the range that consume the most energy. The new harness, together with the 1500 battery, considerably reduces the risk of musculo-skeletal disorders with better weight distribution, and grants the user full freedom of movement. The battery is watertight to IP54 for use in the rain.

The ULiB 1500 battery: unrivalled power, long-lasting performance
The battery life has been extended by 50% from the ULiB 1100 version. This battery has the highest capacity available on the market, equivalent to 7,050 L of petrol. Pellenc’s engineers worked on improving the balance and ergonomics of the tool, bringing together power, precision and comfort. This major innovation extends the lifespan by 40%, and perfectly illustrates Pellenc’s desire to reduce direct emissions of CO2 and to ensure that products are 80% recyclable.

PELLENC is a pioneer in the world of professional battery operated tools. With over 12 years of experience with lithium-ion technology, its expertise in the field is unparalleled. The ULiB 1500 battery guarantees performance, ergonomics and battery life that revolutionise the use of portable power tools for professionals.

User-friendly harness, optimal mobility
The new, ergonomic and lightweight Pellenc harness offers an ideal level of comfort when in use. Its weight is perfectly distributed over the key back support areas, so 70% of the weight rests on the hips, with only 30% on the shoulders. The user-friendly settings for the entire carrying system, from the straps to the thoracic spine area, can be adjusted for any shape and working styles. The battery is also reversible within the harness, making it easy to work close to the ground with tools such as the blower and the cultivator. What makes this harness unique is that it rests on a rotatable pivot between the shoulder blades, which provides the shoulders with freedom of movement. ‘Control’ straps placed on the shoulders hold the battery securely on the operator’s back to cancel out the effects of the battery weight.

A battery that interacts constantly with the operator
An HMI screen running on a smart processor optimises battery use. It displays several types of information, such as the working time with each tool, the maximum power output for the battery and ‘defect’ alerts. Further, the screen’s flashing mode and the retro-reflectors ensure that the operator is visible at all times, especially in the dark.

Through this new battery and its harness, Pellenc has set out to enhance working time while reducing physical strain. Aligning performance with comfort, these innovations help to preserve the physical health of professionals.

Technical specifications of the ULiB 1500 battery
Available power:1527 W/h
Weight of the battery: 7.5 kg (without harness)
Sealing level: IP 54
Battery life with the RASION mower range: Up to 5 hours (+50%/battery 1100)
Service life: Over 1200 charge cycles (> 5 years)

Technical characteristics of the Pellenc harness
Weight of the harness:1.6 kg.
Compatibility:1500 battery, then 700, 1100 for late 2017