A concept that includes an autonomous energy source and zero emissions products

Since 2004, PELLENC has heavily invested in research and development of “green” technologies to meet the requirements of sustainable development. The PELLENC Zero Emission concept, which is the culmination of years of research, is based on the production, storage and use of renewable energy for professional use. On this basis, PELLENC offers custom packs to best meet your energy needs.


This technology was recognised in 2014 by the Ministry of Environment and ADEME (the French Environment & Business Awards 2014 in the category “Eco-products for Sustainable Development”).

Using the products that make up the ecological package allows users to be independent in the production, storage and use of electrical energy. For local authorities, landscapers, farmers, campgrounds and golf courses, among others, the ecological package is individually created to best meet your energy needs.

When you use PELLENC tools:

  • You create no direct emissions
  • You contribute to the respect of  the environment.