Pellenc South Africa made its maiden appearance at the Blaauwklippen market.

In an effort to promote French tradition and introduce the hand tools that Pellenc has to offer. “With hand tools we bring excitement to gardening and also to viticulture. These tools come with an easy-to-use manual that explains how to use the tools efficiently,” said Pellenc South Africa CEO Phillipe Bohn. In this family environment, Pellenc brought 6 Pellenc Optimum models for the young, aspiring viticulturist to take home. It was also a perfect setting to get customer feedback on the general use of tools and machinery, with technical staff present to demonstrate and offer meaningful advice to clients.

To promote the French culture, Alliance Française, Stellenbosch, had a raffle draw with prizes ranging from French lessons to bottles of Ricard Pastis de Marseille. Also present was a pétanque team from Lyon showing its skills in the traditional French family sport.