French company Pellenc, now presented in South Africa by its direct branch in Paarl, aims to make winter vineyard work easier and cheaper by offering a Professional electric tool range. These provide a profitable solution to optimise the cost, speed and quality of pruning.

Matthieu Hamel of Pellenc South Africa explains that each cut will save money by saving time. “These tools are so efficient you can divide the pruning time or the number of workers by two,” he says. “This quick, powerful performance boosts the producer’s pruning capacity for up to three days witout having to charge the lithium-ion battery.”

The battery is the key to this success and Pellenc is the first manufacturer in the world to offer an entire range of professionnal Tools which operates with multifunctional, ultra-highcapacity, lithium-ion, ternary batteries.

“It is very cost effective – considering the priceof electricty in South Africa, the power required to prune for one full day costs only cents! The battery can be charged up to 1500 times (full cycle of charge/discharge), Matthieu says. “These Tools are very reliable and thanks to the electric technology, it will always start easily, whatever the temperature. It is also user friendly: all settings are easy or automatic so the tools can be used without risk and with high productivity and comfort,” he explains. “An electronic display indicates the battery level instantaneously thus it is easy to see if it is necessary to charge for the next working day.” A full range of tools are designed for various needs. The Lixion Evolution pruning shera is the most powerful pruning  shear for vineyards on the market, with a cutting diameter of 35 mm. “The progressive closure of the blade ensuresoptimal management of pruning and increases safety. The pruning speed is on average increased by 100%, so the return on investment is reached in the short term,” he says. Igor Leclere of Château Musset Chevalier in Saint-Emilion explains that with pruning quality being essential for the ranking of the Grand Cru appellation, he appreciates the Lixion Evolution for its great cutting quality, its autonomy and the comfort of its new harness. “The quality of the new blade makes sharpening easier and less frequent. The lithium technology also means that batteries do not have to be rechargedduring the summer period, which is an undisputable advantage,” he says. Further to the pruning Equipment, the Fixion tying machine offers a cost effective way to tie vine shoots or irrigation pipes up to 25 mm in diameter. The tying speed is increased by 40% compared to manual work. Pellenc provides six types of ties in order to meet operating requirements for each use, with the patented flexible tie that can extend its lenght by 60% to avoid stress on the plant when it grows. The battery pack allows one full day of work without charging, at a reduced cost.

Another tool, the Selion M12 pruning chainsaw, is especially designed to prune vine stock with high precision and cleanliness. “It is very easy to use due to the reduced weight of 1.7 kg, the automatic chain tension and the big capacity chain oil tank ,” Matthieu says.”Safety was also one of the priorities during this development and four patents were developed to ensure safe conditions.”