PR - September 04th 2018 - This new range of 5 tow grape harvesting machines was designed to meet the needs of professionals. The GRAPES’LINE 40, 45, 60, 70 and 80 ranges integrate PELLENC’s latest technological innovations for machine shaking, conveying, sorting and driving. They offer the same grape harvesting quality and exceptional driving comfort.

More specifically and based on professionals’ needs, they offer :

  • Optimised driving interfaces with a touchscreen (exclusively GRAPES’LINE 60 and 80);
  • New picking arms that comply even more with vegetation and up to 10 pairs of unit shakers and shock-absorbers (exclusively GRAPES’LINE 60, 70 and 80);
  • A stainless steel « L » conveyor and low stainless steel protection for better maintenance and ground surface work;
  • Automatic conveyance tension with an indicator visible from the driver’s seat;
  • A harvesting cleaning system that removes leaves without losing any juice;
  • The Selectiv’ Process system separates the stalks without splitting them, leaving the berries intact. With a 2.5m2 sorting surface, it separates the stalks, petioles and other waste;
  • Automatic shut-off valves in the chutes during the tipping process (exclusively GRAPES’LINE 60, 70 and 80);
  • AUTOTORQUE driveability that automatically adapts to all terrains, uphill and downhill;
  • A semi-automatic slope upgrade (exclusively GRAPES’LINE 60, 70 and 80);
  • Dual braking system, ensuring optimal safety (exclusively GRAPES’LINE 60, 70 and 80).

As for maintenance, the GRAPES’LINE 60, 70 and 80 have functionalities that maximise washing safety and simplify it :

  • Optimised doorway position for more accessible loaders cleaning and visibility on ginners and sorting tables;
  • Water column for greater ease on the washing platform;
  • Disconnected controls to disengage cleaning items and stop its operation in an emergency.