New tool sales for specialised AGRI and Green City tools. He started with us in mid-February 2018 and we would love people to know more about Luke.

Luke has extensive experience in sales and customer service in the mining industry. Since working for Advanced Piping Systems he has been working in the viticultural industry doing vineyard maintenance at Infield Ag. Most recently he was working in a hands-on environment at Ceravolo Orchards doing existing maintenance and also establishing new orchards.

“I’m excited to now be involved in Pellenc tools sales, as I look to utilise my recent hands on experience along with my strength in sales, customer service and friendly personality.”

Pellenc has very strong team of agents in different States, who Luke and his manager Kim Kingsun will support and work with as well as meeting customers in person to ensure the same level of support across all regions.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge of establishing Pellenc as a leader in a very competitive lithium-ion battery powered tool market”.

From all the team at Pellenc Australia we welcome Luke to the team in 2018.

Please give a warm welcome to Luke!