After the creation of the Pellenc South Africa branch in May this year, Pellenc launched Optimum, a new generation of multifunction tractors and harvesters.  

Multifunctionality enhances profitability and with this in mind, the Optimum range was developed to do all vineyard work, all year long.All Pellenc front tools – pre-pruner, precision pruner, leaf remover, wire lifter, etc – can be fitted to the new multifunction arm of the Optimum. In addition to the harvesting head, the new tractor base is also designed to receive the Eole sprayer, the Twin Box two-row spreader and the multifunction tool carrier.

Jacques Servoles, department director at Pellenc, points out that the performance is also linked to the extreme simplicity and speed of coupling and uncoupling. “This is done within three minutes, thanks to the Easy Connect hydraulic mono-coupler, the automatic reallocation of all the functions on the multifunction joystick and the Easy Touch touch screen,” he says.

The Activ’ harvesting head is equipped with the Easy Smart shaking system. “The revolutionary flexible conveyor-sorter eliminates any risk of juice loss, by keeping the berries intact,” Jacques says. “The integrated second generation destemming and sorting system, Selectiv’ Process 2, achieves a 99.82% level of cleanliness – this leads to unrivalled productivity and harvest quality.” With this range, Pellenc also gave particular attention to operator safety and working conditions. All controls are easy to reach and the new Rops 4 spacious cab offers a 310 degree vision. “All harvesting head settings are quick and easy, thanks to the Easy Smart system,” Jacques says. “The intuitive Easy Touch console, combined with all the driver assistance systems, allows easy control of all Pellenc implements.”

Jacques explains that, in terms of performance, Pellenc is setting the bar very high. “The Optimum carrier is the most compact and lightest on the market. With the Easy Turn system, the steering angle of 95 degrees offers an exceptional and unprecedented manoeuvrability from row to row,” he says.

Christophe Derot, project manager at Pellenc, explains that the engine gets all of its benefits from the latest innovations. “The Tier III Perkins engine has intelligent electronic management and the load sensing hydraulic pump only delivers the right flow at the right moment,” he says. This combined management ensures optimal performance, reduced fuel consumption by more than 40% and increased productivity by 25%.

“Through the excellent accessibility of tools and greasing points, as well as the easy and quick washing, Pellenc also reduces time and maintenance costs.”