The Pellenc Optimum raises the bar for multi-functional harvesters.  

The innovations by Pellenc focus on harvest quality and with the on-board selection, it does most of the work while in the vineyard. With a Pellenc destemmer and on-board sorting system, Selectiv Process 2, it also yields a clean harvest, free of MOG (material other than grapes). At a demonstration at Fairview Wine Estate, Dannel Baard and Johan Klopper, product specialists of Pellenc South Africa, showed the flexibility of the Optimum by manoeuvring through the vineyards at different slopes. Phillipe Bohn, CEO of Pellenc South Africa, was accompanied by French Ambassador Elisabeth Barbier and a team of olive growers from Israel. Dannel harvested a few rows, demonstrating its unmatched turning angle of 95˚, which adds to the ease of drive from row to row. The Optimum is also a multicarrier, enabling it to do more than harvesting, by attaching different sets of Pellenc to it. The coupling and uncoupling of tools takes only three minutes. It can be used for pruning and pre-pruning, trimming, spraying, wire lifting, leaf-removing and harvesting, which makes it relevant all year long. Some of these operations can be combined, thus limiting the number of runs done and saving fuel consumption in the process.
Pellenc Winery Range

The Pellenc winery range, consisting of the Selectiv’ Process Winery 2 and the Selectiv Process Vision 2 Visionic sorting system, was showcased at Glenelly estate. These demonstrations were given weekly at different wine estates throughout the wine growing regions. The Selectiv’ Process consists of a destemmer and sorter, designed for premium wine production. The destemmer is of a linear high frequency, gently separating the berries from the stem, with vibration feeding the sorting table. The rolling sorting table is adjustable, which helps dispose of green waste such as leaves, leaf stems, branches, foreign material and unripe green berries. This process can save up to 25% on the cost of sorting and destemming. The Visionic sorting system provides continuous and complete sorting, based on quality required. It does berry by berry sorting based on colour/hue, removing unripe berries and green waste. It has an on-board camera that continuously films the harvest on the conveyor belt, thus enhancing its selection capabilities. The nozzles are powered by compressed air that ejects all unwanted material, resulting in a clean final product going to the fermentation tank. The touch screen control panel can be adjusted to the level of quality desired by the winemaker.