Pellenc SA and Wintrust hosted producers and winemakers at the Fairview wine estate for a presentation of their latest machinery.

Oenologist Stéphane Cottenceau flew in from Pellenc Group in France to introduce the latest technologies and machinery range from Pellenc Group and sister company, Pera. Also gracing the occasion was the French consul in Cape Town, Mr Xavier d’Argoeuves.

The machinery discussed included the Selectiv’ Process winery, with the emphasis on its two- in-one setup for destemming and sorting. The Selectiv’ Process Vision 2 has an on-board camera that helps in highquality berry-by-berry sorting. The

latest technology, also introduced on the day, was the Pellenc dynamic crusher, Extractiv’, which crushes according to the ripeness of berries.

According to Cottenceau, this technology improves the extraction of polyphenols and aromas to get more full-bodied and fruity wines. The range of Pera, the sister company, is more focused on thermovinification and presses. The Flash Détente technology– a continuous process for prefermentation extraction in red wine production – boosts colour and aroma extraction. Another process discussed on the day was the Gulfstream thermo-treatment, used in the heating and cooling of grapes.

The presses range saw the introduction of the Enoxy+, which is an automated antioxidant injection. The injection takes place during the rotation cycle and eliminates oxygen in rotations. It also helps to reduce the quantity of sulphur dioxide used.

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